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Clients Charter

In line with our vision of making Malaysia a leading exporter of quality rubber products, we undertake to:

  Facilitate and promote the export of quality rubber products.
  Identify market opportunities for Malaysian manufacturers of rubber products.
  Expand international market access for quality rubber products from Malaysia.

To attain these objectives, we make a commitment to our stakeholders to:

  • Develop accurate market information through specific programmes to be delivered to the industry on a timely basis.

  • Expand market opportunities for the rubber products industry through implementation of appropriate international marketing activities.

  • Respond to trade enquiries within 3 working days.

  • Approve application of MREPC financial incentives within 2 weeks, provided all documents are in order.

  • Ensure regular access to MREPC's website by keeping downtime of the ICT system to less than 5%.

  • Provide an assurance that accounts payable will be processed and settled within 14 days, provided all documents are in order.

  • Provide courteous and professional service to all stakeholders.
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